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Three decades ago, the nourishing qualities of nature came knocking at your doorstep, packed in a soap.


You opened the door to a palette of possibilities. With the addition of skin-softening ingredients and everlasting fragrance, in no time we became a part of your family.


Your love for the blend of Sandalwood and Turmeric that enriched your daily shower, inspired us and helped us become a 100 crore brand.


You enabled us celebrate beauty and femininity. It was for this became the most loved modern reason we embraced iconic celebrities to inspire you to express your elegance.


Be radiant, outshine, and excel. A philosophy that guided us both. From becoming an integral part in your beauty routine, we went on to make our presence felt in several other countries.


Your true beauty should last forever. The art was to enhance and sustain it. As our nature-based techniques won your hearts, it helped us become the 3rd most used soap brand in India.


You’re a beautiful, talented, hardworking woman and mother of today. You know what’s best for you and your family, and therefore you choose us. Your trust helped us to become No 2 Soap Brand in India

The Future

In the years to come, enhancing your natural, radiant beauty will remain our objective and we will continue to be the source for it.